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Return & Refund Policy

How can I view my order?

Simply click on 'My Orders' from the left menu and you are view all details of your current or past orders.

How can I return or cancel the existing order?

If you cancel your order before your product has shipped, we will refund the entire amount. You can call our customer service or cancel through the portal.

If the cancellation is after your product has shipped, you can do one of the following:

  • If your product has shipped but has not yet been delivered, contact Customer Support and inform them of the same.
  • If you received the product, it will be eligible for replacement, only in cases where there are defects found with the product.

Apart from condition reserved herein above, the following products shall not be eligible for return.

  • Any product that is returned without original packaging.
  • Any product from which the Label has been removed from its original packaging.

How can I return Fruit and Vegetables?

If the delivery is COD, you can check the order and then return the produce which you don’t like. If the delivery is through credit card or net banking, the delivery person will refund the amount on delivery.

If I make payment through Netbanking/Credit card/Debit card and there is a minor difference in Fruit and Vegetable quantities, how the difference will be adjusted?

Where customer has paid by net-banking - For cases where 'Invoice Value' is less than 'Order Value' (due to a missing item or shortfall in weight of   Fruit/Vegetable) , the final invoice shows the amount to be refunded and hence our delivery team refunds the money at the door-step or we will adjust the amount in the next order.